Hello, my name is Linda, in 2011 I applied for a spiritual name and received Akal Kiret Kaur.

On the Kundalini Yoga weekend I coordinate the reception & registration.

As a child I wondered what life is and what happens when we die, in the church I heard “looking for and you will find” so I went to do that. After reading many books I came to the conclusion that the only way is within and I decided to discover yoga and meditation.

In 2004 Kundalini Yoga came my way and inside I felt, this is my way. So I started walking it, it has given me a practical way to integrate spirituality into my daily life.

In my daily life I am an upcoming forewoman in cleaning.

I like to get together with people who are also looking for peace within themselves, which is why I participate in this festival. Hope to meet you!

Light and love, Akal Kiret Kaur