Sat name, my name is Bhagat Singh.

The meaning of my spiritual name Bhagat is “devotee”, and that is the best way to describe me when I do a kriya or meditation. I go all in, full of surrender and confidence. In the year 1997 I had a wonderful energetic experience, for a few weeks I was able to see the world from a very light and clear perspective. However, the clarity soon diminished due to old patterns, uncertainties and unhealthy choices. I only found Kundalini Yoga in 2012, after the first lesson the light in me was already increasing. That made me overjoyed, I was where I needed to be. And since then it has enriched my path so much, more and more love may flow through my life.

I am happy to help everyone who wants to live their life more freely, experience more reality and share the challenge with all dare to go on his own. Hence my commitment to the Kundalini Yoga Netherlands Festival.

I am responsible for business agreements and money transfers, like to think along with everyone when it comes to organizing events and matching supply and demand between like-minded.

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