Bliss Ticket

Sat nam!

What good that you have taken a Bliss Ticket. Thanks for your support for the festival and of course congratulations on yourself beautiful gift!

With the Bliss😇You get a ticket:

 1) ToegangUp to all 5 Live Sadhana's, 15+ workshops & 5 concerts, plus access to the replays for a year.😇

 2) Optional oneSatak Rasayane-healing or a Sound e-Healing.😇

3) of your choiceKaram KriyaorAkara Numerology E-Consult.😇

 4) theFestivalMeditations & KriyasIn a downloadable e-book.😇

5) One month access to the dailyLive Short SadhanaTo stay in the flow.😇

6) DELIVERYOnline giftsfrom the teachers.😇

7) DigitalGoodybagfull of surprises.😇

On this page you will find all the links and the downloads, which we will also collect during and after the festival for you. Isn't something there yet, then come back to this page at a later date.

1) The links to the replays of the Sadhana's, the workshops and the concerts can be found here:

You will find the link here.

2) Here you will find the calendars of the e-healers.Choose a time that suits you into one of the calendars.

You will also find the agendas of the SAT took Rasayan Healers and the Sound Healers.

Sat took Rasayan e-Healing with Tejpal Singh

 HTTPS: // / 30min

Sat took Rasayan e-Heaing with Engelina / satunasayan 

Sat Nam Rasayan E-Heaing with Araba Dandos (Eng)

Sat Nam Rasayan E-Heaing with Isa Sawad (NL)


Sound Healing with Wasso Nelissen

3) Here you will find the calendars of the Karam Kriya and Akara Numerology Consultents for your E-Consult. Choose a time that suits you into one of the calendars.

Both the Karam Kriya and the Akara numerology are about the language of the numbers. You can see it as two different dialects.  

Akara Numerology Blueprint E-Consult with Sat Kirtan 

Karam Kriya E-Consult with Sukhmani Kaur / Karam-Kriya Consultation

Karam Kriya E-Consult with Sada Sat Simran

4) Here you will find the PDF after the festival with many of the Kriyas and meditations of the festival.

You can download it here (once it's done). We will also send you an email here ;-)

5) One month access to the dailyLive Short SadhanaTo stay in the flow.😇

Daily business yoga session with Sat Kirtan to Wake Up and Shine Your Light and Share Your Love.

Meeting ID: 832 2724 4241

Pass code: 093531

6) DELIVERYOnline giftsfrom the teachers.😇

Free Christmas yoga for childrenWith Helen Purperhart

We still supplement these every day.

7) Here you will find the Digital Goodybag discount coupons

Download the gift voucher and send it to the provider

This iloveyoga voucher is valid from 17 Dec 2021 to 17 Jan 2022. The code gives a 10% discount on the entire range.

Shopping online at Iloveyoga is always a party! From delicious seated yoga clothing produced from organic cotton to beautiful responsible wool yoga mats, bolsters and meditation cushions. Shop with a discount Iloveyoga

Happy heart is the book that inspires you to do and experience yoga. Central is the Happy Hart Set, a series of tasty yoga exercises that you can get started with support of the information and video on the website. In addition to explanation about the exercises of the Happy Hart Set, this book is packed with information, inspiration and tips with which you can create your own Yogalifestyle. In your time and in a way that suits you because you know the best thing that is good for you.

Bliss death

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I like to offer the book to you with Bliss discount for € 15

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Super FOOD BLISS offer:

The code RELAX receive now and in the future 15% discount on all your orders at YOUR SUPER.

 "Savitri Prakash is a RaMa Alliance Kundalini Teacher, Intuitive Healer and Astrologer. She works mostly with people who have a need for information they will help themselves to tackle better self relationship, still enjoy life more . "

BLISS 15% discount

- Birth in Depth Chart for people who have never done (75min with Chart + recording) - 125 €
- Solar Revolution channeling (about 30min Energien this coming year 2022 - with Chart + recording) - 75 €
- In Depth Solar Revolution - only who have made a Birth Chart(75minwith Chart recording +) - 125€
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Hara Shiatsu therapy is a form of physical body work based on oriental medicine, body, mind and soul tunes together.

Shiatsu helps to strengthen the body and symptoms consciously perceive, balanced.

Suppressed emotions and tensions are released, this will foster in stages of major life changes.

Contact Wasso to make an appointment.


The Akashic Records is a dimension of consciousness, The archive of the soul,

Here are all the data of experience, knowledge and wisdom stored in your past lives.

A Askasha reading can give clarity and direction when you feel challenged or feel resistance against the changes taking place in your life.

It offers the opportunity to heal past wounds and embrace the wisdom and gifts that your soul is here to share.

Contact Wasso to make an appointment.

4) Find the online extras teachers and musicians you have put ready.