Before you lies a path of broken bottles, a thick layer of razor-sharp glass. Barefoot you walk this path, your path as a meditation. It is an exercise in focusing awareness and putting your attention where it is needed.

During a glass run there is no attention for the ego, only the focus that is required to walk your path at your own pace.

Powerful from your center you are completely in the here and now. At the cutting edge, you can rely on the wisdom of your body. You are fully present and focused, the rest is silent.

The glass loop is a powerful means of giving space to desire, breaking through fears, recognizing and transforming patterns, experiencing unlimited power, feeling through and healing old trauma.

Under the guidance of Jérôme Stegeman (Nidhan Devta Singh) you experience the power of your inner source through focus, dedication and surrender.

All this in a safe bed carried by brothers.

Saturday June 18 - 11:30 - 13:30 - Outside