Discovering the dance between the fundamental need for connection and the fear of losing it…

Loving connection is the only safety nature can offer us.

Discover the power of intimacy by expressing desires and daring to look at our (irrational) fears.

Learning to show more of yourself, dare to share deeper emotions with each other, learn to take risks, show the soft side of yourself, ie stand face to face again and reach out to each other.

Via meditation: practice awareness , welcoming emotions (when you get hit), illuminating survival strategies and learned reactions.

The core is in our early childhood attachment, was it safe, was it healthy, in to what extent was there safe long-term physical and emotional intimacy…..

This later determines your Accessibility, your Receptivity, your Involvement knowledge…..

“we are never as vulnerable as when we love”

Through meditation, practice and kriya we dive deeper into our fundamental dynamics and needs…we come to perceive, recognize, discover, support and heal in Love

Sunday June 19 11:30-13:30 Outside