JAPJI meditation - new Dutch translation and deepening

''The Word we have received for deepening is an addition to the crown jewels – JAPJI – left by Guru Nanak.''

The JAPJI is a sacred scripture written down by Guru Nanak (1469-1539). Reading the JAPJI within Kundalini Yoga and Sikhism is a form of meditation and spiritual practice. The legacy of Guru Nanak through the Japji is hereby supplemented with the renewed message of Guru Nanak in this zeitgeist through, among other things, the Verdieping. The message and essence of the message remains unchanged and is made accessible to seekers/a wider audience.

The Dutch translation and deepening of the JAPJI was partly achieved through the participation of the members of the advisory committee of the GURU NANAK Institute. This institute was partly created by the search of yogis and yoga teachers.

In this guided lecture/meditation we listen to the pauris and deepening that are read together by participants. Reading the JAPJI and Floor is always a different experience, it is the experience that suits you at that moment.

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Sunday June 19 - 11:30 - 14:30 - Gurdwara tent