Weaving her depth and breadth of experience in conscious dreaming, kundalini yoga, vinyasa yoga and Movement Medicine, Hagit has the ability to lead us into our subconscious mind to produce profound effects on our health, well-being and ability to experience joy .
Collective embodied conscious dreaming is a blend of movement, body and breath practice, deep meditation and sacred, soulful chanting, evoking both strength and vulnerability. It allows us to tap into our intuition and develop its intrinsic power as an internal guidance system, a valuable resource in facing the decisions, questions and choices posed
by life. Hagit is also a specialist in kundalini yoga, and she creates meaningful and empowering rites of passage ceremonies, guiding girls and women of all ages through pivotal life transitions.

As a KY teacher since 2014 Hagit uses her spiritual name – Jai Priya Kaur.

It means 'the princess or lioness of God whose loving relationship with her soul helps her overcome every challenge and reach her goals with ease'.

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