Karam kriya workshop: 'Stability in times of uncertainty'

We live in times of change and that brings uncertainty. How do you deal with that? Do you experience more division or are you able to keep the peace?

Yogi Bhajan in 1971: “The Age of Aquarius is coming in and it's going to mentally blow up everybody so fast you can't believe it. Insecurity will be all around us. Duality will be our best friend. There's no need for it. Just trust your soul—it will save you. Learn this as an art. Dive deep into your soul. That's all you have."

The Teachings of Karam kriya (spiritual psychology) is an art. The universal principles associated with the numbers are like a walking stick and compass. They provide direction and guidance and help you connect with the Essence in everything, including yourself.

In this workshop we look very specifically at the numbers of 2022 and the accompanying themes: uncertainty, doubt, duality and fear . How can the Higher Intelligence behind the numbers help you to live from your heart, trusting, in peace and without fear?

Let the numbers Guide you!


Sada Sat Simran Kaur (The Netherlands)

At the age of 18 Sada Sat Simran Kaur came in contact with kundalini yoga. Since then she immerses herself in the inexhaustible richness of the teachings. From early 2000 under the guidance of spiritual teacher Shiv Charan Singh. In addition to teaching the philosophy of life in school she teaches at the Level 1 Teacher Training, the Karam Kriya Consultancy Training and gives Karam Kriya Consults and Sat Nam Rasayan Healings.

For a personal consultation, info about Karam kriya workshops or for information about the level 1 teacher training you can send a message to:

Satnamyogavolendam@gmail.com / 0623487109


Kundalini yoga & Karam Kriya Consulten


"All joy is the Self enjoying itself"- SCS

Sunday June 19 11:30-13:30 Inner Light Hall