In everyday life I work as a researcher in the field of biology and chemistry in a small company in Groningen. As a researcher, I am always curious and want to discover and learn more and more through personal experience. Also in the field of spirituality, 5 years ago I met Guru Jugat, I remember his special appearance to this day. He radiated peace and balance, two things I didn't have at the time. I was curious about how that radiance came about, and I stormed Guru Jugat with questions, Guru Jugat had 1 answer, he referred me to the Golden Link, where I immediately started the Sat Nam Rasayan training. Since then, through trial and error and with love and gratitude, I have followed this training, which is now almost completed. I am happy with this gift and therefore want to give something back to the community. Hence my participation in the Kundalini Yoga Summer Festival as Sevador.

During the festival I coordinate the Sat Nam Rasayan healings and also give healings myself.

You can also walk with me in the woods. With a small group (maximum 6 people) we walk together, we do a meditation together and I give a group healing, after which we go back to the festival site. This takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. More information will follow in the program.

For more information about the Sat Nam Rasayan, I would like to refer you to the following website nam-rasayan/  

See you soon! With light and love, Isa 

Saturday, June 18 - 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM - Adi Shakti Tent