'The Seven Veils Solo'



Veils are used to cover, or show, a part of us.

Physically and psychic.

As babies we are completely open, without veils. Then the path of obfuscation begins.

If we enter into a love relationship, we will unveil again.


In this workshop I will give you a taste of the process 

of concealment. Something we've all done, but usually not consciously.

And we are certainly not aware of the relationship between how the obfuscation took place and your current way of connecting with a loved one.

Doing the seven veils solo is a wonderful process;

*If you want to clarify your relationship with yourself,

*if you would like to boost your current relationship,

*if you would like to start a new relationship in a beautiful way,

Very respectful to yourself and to the other person,

and most likely full of undiscovered treasures and patterns.

Saturday, June 18 - 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM - Adi Shakti Tent