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11 Days Suni-ai

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Mantra challenge: Journey into silence with 11 days of Suni-ai mantra.

On December the 11th we will start the 11-day Suni-ai challenge leading up to the Kundalini Yoga Festival.

If you come to this page after December 11th and you had not yet signed up, no problem. You can still join the challenge at your own pace.

We really 'pulled out all the stops' for this challenge and didn't mind the small stuff. We are very thankful and proud of the result, it is really beautiful, with beautiful sound and vision, where you are quiet and still inside of it.

We are very grateful with your donation, because it makes it possible to do this.

Click on the donation amount and choose the amount that is right for you. You can choose between 11, 22, 33 or 111, 222 or 333 euros. Below you can read what you get for it.

What to expect from this 11 day meditation on Suni-ai?

* Transformation within
* You become calmer
* You feel more confident
* You can better distinguish between what is important and what is not
* You practice grace and surrender
* Strengthened connection with the divine flow in life
* Consolation for inner pain
* Connection to things that have gone wrong from a different light

How does it work?

1. You will receive the unique audio downloads of the meditation and mantra Suni-ai by Harimandir.

2. You will receive the link to a beautiful video clip of this performance by Harimandir and friends. The video was shot at the Kundalini Yoga Festival in Belgium.

3. Each day you choose a time to do the meditation. 11 rehearsals of Suni-ai: that is 13 minutes. Via the video or via the mp3. Whatever fits and feels best for you at that moment.

4. We give a number of surprising gifts by special teachers to deepen your Suni-ai experience. For example Gurudass Kaur and Sotantar Singh.

5. You will also get the texts and translations of the mantra in handy pdf

Please note that due to the powerful spam filters our emails do not arrive at Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. If possible, use a different email address. Did you not receive an email with links to the recordings? Send an email to