Logo kundalini yoga festival


The Bazaar is the meeting place te be…..

where connection will be made, on-line or off-line. A place to relax and give your inner-energy a break after the workshops or just to have a cup of tea in the tea lounge.

The Bazaar is a place of creativity. You will find a variarity of shops and promotions. From musical instruments to the spiritual books or how about to book this dream travel to India? Do you like to dress up in comfy cloths with matching nice jewelleries, malas or karas?

Many shops will offer natural fibers and yoga wear to make you look radiant. And for sure if you might have forgotten your sheepskin or yogamat in the excitement of the festival? The Bazaar can help you out to answer all your queries.

The end of the year is also a good timing for a handreading and to get a better understanding of yourself to start the New Year with more positive vibes. Most important of all… you can make new friends and meet the teachers in a relax environnement.

Christmas shopping can be a haslle.….but here you will find all you need on one spot without stress.

If you are a creative spirit and want to promote or sell your business on the Bazaar, let us know. All you need is a full ticket KYF and mail your ideas to: