Balprem Kaur is Kundalini Yoga teacher en teacher trainer. Ze is voormalig opera zangeres en heeft een berggids licentie. Ze is voorzitter van de Kundalini Yoga Beroepsvereniging in Oostenrijk en organiseert het Oostenrijkse Kundalini Yogafestival. Op ons festival geeft ze een mantra concert en een harmonium workshop.

  • Where do you teach?

I teach Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Children/Teen/Family Yoga, Pre- and Postnatal Yoga and a lot more Yoga styles and specific age or interest groups.

  • What does Kundalini Yoga mean to you? How did you get in touch with it?

I got to know Kundalini Yoga in 2004. I got in touch with Hatha Yoga first, when I was in Nepal. I refused to take part in the free Yoga classes, because I thought, that it was only for grandmas. I was really interested in it after a while, but couln´t admit it 🙂 I had to come home to Germany first, before I was able to try it. I loved it, the moment I started. After some month of intense Hatha Yoga training, I tried Kundalini Yoga and knew, that I found a new home. Since that I´ve been taking classes, teacher trainings and everything that I could to learn more about every little aspect of it.

  • Why did you choose this workshop, who is it meant for?

I will teach a Harmonium class. My workshop is meant for everybody who wants to dive deep into the healing power of music. Even Albert Einstein said: ” Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

  • What advice do you have for the festival participants?

Enjoy the time with the Sangat. It is so healing and uplifting to do Kundalini Yoga in a group 🙂

Could you give a rating to your workshop:

Physical Effort           ●○○○○

Meditation Level        ●●●●○

Information Content   ●●●○○

Chanting involved      ●●●●●

Relaxing                     ●●●●○