How I met Kathryn McCusker

Where can I do yoga? My family and me had just moved to Sydney, Australia and I asked my neighbour if she could recommend a yogaclass. The following day I was sitting next to her in my yoga pants and she was explaining it might be something different I had practiced before. It was a KUNDALINI class.

I noticed the difference right away: People dressed up in white, turbans, and lots of hugging…. it all was a bit…unusual?

A teacher named Kathryn McCusker came in when everybody was already sitting in easy pose. With a firm voice she made us do things I had never done before. Arms 60 degrees, breath of fire, stretching, holding, squeezing. Music with a heavy dance beat, chanting mantras and a deep relaxation with the sounds of the gong.

I had my first Kundalini awakening, felt alive in every cell. The gong was like an airplane flying over me. It frightened and excited me at the same time, I had to peep because I couldn’t believe these sounds where just coming from the gong. I surrendered and felt like being in space for the first time. This was the deepest relaxation I ever had.

Kathryn had made me connect with my true Self.

After the class I felt like being to a rave, with so much energy. I thanked Kathryn, hugged my neighbour and immediately signed up for the next class. My Kundalini journey had started.

Not only me, but also my husband could see and feel the difference. ‘I want it too, he said!’ So we started going to Kathryn’s classes together. It has made such a big impact on our life and relationship; it made us connect to each other, our kids and our environment in a new way with more intensity, curiosity and most of all: trust.

Soon I started in Australia the teacher training with Kathryn, Sat Sarbat and Satmukh Singh, the best gift to my Self.

Kundalini Yoga became my compass. We both moved back almost at the same time to Europe, Kathryn and her husband and kid to England and us five to The Netherlands.

And here I am now. Both of us are teaching all over the world. We became like family, inspiring and supporting each other, connected by an invisible cord. It’s very special she is coming over to the Dutch Kundalini Festival and it’s an honour to be teaching together with her. I am looking forward to introduce her to you, my Kundalini-sister: Kathryn McCusker.

Hanneke Hoitink
Lakshmi Narayan Kaur
KUNDALINI OASES / Yoga Lifestyle Studio