020 is/was a threshold to cross, a gestation period to get ready for the:
BIG EVENTS of 2021 through 2044.

To properly address our Healing Crisis, we are now, more than ever, looking to the future: READY for CHANGE, WANT INNOVATION, and WILLING TO TRY THE UNCONVENTIONAL.

3 Significant Astrological Events are bringing huge electro-magnetic changes to Earth.

1: Uranus in Taurus:   3.19.2019  to April 2026 = 7 years
Occurs every 84 years

2: Saturn/Capricorn Conjunction in Aquarius (AIR signs)
12.21.2020 through 2159 (not a typo) = 139 years
From 1802 until now (198 years), this conjunction has only occurred in EARTH signs.

3: Pluto Return to same position in solar system in relation to Earth: 2.20.2022 through 2044 in Aquarius = 22 years. Occurs every 247 years.

These astrological events are a COSMIC CALL FOR JUSTICE:

Uranus:The planet of rebellion with all its electric energies of CHANGE, including a focus on all things progressive, in Taurus (ruled by Venus – feminine energy) will examine and stimulate changes on how we comprehend Wealth, Love, and Abundance.

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction in Air signs:
Wisdom/Discipline will be utilized via the vibration of Air Signs for: Elevation, Harmony, Spirit

Pluto Return in Aquarius: This planet is the “annihilator of the false” and will disintegrate and transmute “what has been” and point us and the planet in the direction of a new paradigm of existence with new governing structures that focus on equanimity, fairness, and balance.

CLASS focus:
1: Details and further explanation of the Astrological Events above.

2: Kriya and Meditation to focus on the continuation of our Inner Work to provide Stamina, Strength, and Courage, so we can continue to Serve each other in the transformative years ahead!!!

Gurudhan Singh


This workshop is in English.