Ferenz Kallos, a sacred music composer, producer, artist, violinist, guitarist and pianist, combines influences from the East with influences from classical, world music and meditation music, creating a stimulating and exotic multi-cultural fusion that is truly introspection spirit music.

Ferenz Kallos believes in peace, love and harmony through sound healing, with a background for studying Harmony, counterpoint, orchestra conductor, orchestration, music and computers, sound engineering, has produced, arranged, mixed 38 music albums, including Gypsy Kings, Sat Kirin Kaur Khalsa (Ignite your light),  Sharon Gannon (Sharanam), Reema Datta (Love truth creation ~ Here’s my heart), 12 albums with Joseph Michael Levry / Gurunam, Puntsok (Buddhist Mantras),  Amanbir singh (Akaal Groove I and II), Sangeeta Kaur (Yoga is love),
Mercedes Bahleda (Songs of Mercy ~ Uma), 6 albums for Sajat Singh (Prosperity yoga), Dharma Mittra (OnNama Shivaya), Chandra Om (Mere Gurudev, Music for Dharma), Aykanna (Light in the darkness), Laya Project (Glorious Sun remix), Geshe Michael Roach (Angel of Diamond).

Ferenz Kallos