Agochar kaur is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor since 2005 and Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner. Since then, she teaches yoga & meditation and spreads Naad with the edition of 6 albums of mantras (composer, singer and harp). In addition, she works as a lawyer at a centennial NGO for homeless, migrants and people at risk of social exclusion. 

Shabad Simran Singh (Ximo Vercher) is a musician, composer, sound technician and entrepreneur. He is a certified yoga instructor by Alliance and Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner. He composes with Agochar melodies for mantras with a sweet and harmonious Mediterranean style, which facilitates meditation to go deep into your inner peace and calm. 

Their last album “Ananda” is a therapeutic musical work that collects the composition of the recent years done with delicacy and strength, transparency and high frequency to vibrate strong and keep the spirit steady facing challenges of any kind during this time. 

Together they spread their music of mantras for peace and healing in the world. You may follow them through: 

 Agochar Kaur & Shabad Simran Singh 


Spotify, Itunes, You tube & on-line platforms: Agochar Kaur & Shabad Simran (Album Sol and Album Ananda)

Souncloud: Agochar Kaur (Album Sol and Album Ananda)