To choose the light we need to be light: free of burdens, empty as the original cave of the creation.
In these two classes we travel to find the center of the being and to liberate it from unwanted fears, unstable identities and unrealistic dreams: the gentle power of the soul will naturally rise and claim the guide of the being.

SOTANTAR SINGH KHALSA (Professional Trainer KRI), graduated in mathematics, trainer of Kundalini Yoga, Numerology and Sat Nam Rasayan, began his Yogic journey in 1996 by expanding his knowledge through the study of various spiritual schools. Direct student of Guru Dev Singh and Yogi Bhajan annualy, he organizes Yatra – spiritual journeys – to the sacred cities of India. He is known for his experience and applied dedication to Sat Nam Rasayan therapy, of which he is a Professional Healer and Trainer. In Italy, he is also distributor of Hari Tea and Shotii Maa Teas and of Guru Dev’s Yogic Remedies.