A workshop introducing how to be more successful, and happier, at the same time!

The world is changing rapidly, and business is getting more and more complex all the time. As business executives, we are forced to make important decisions with not enough time and not enough of the right data. We are under tremendous pressure and stress to not make mistakes, and our doubts and confusion only make it worse.

We don’t need more information; we need wisdom to use information better. We don’t need more choices, we need the mental clarity to make good decisions. The fundamental key to success today is to master your own mind – to conquer stress, tap into your intuition, and to avoid falling into the traps of self-delusion and bias.

Yoga practitioners have been studying their own minds for millennium. This workshop will share how to approach your modern business challenges from the perspective of total mental clarity – an approach we call Conscious Business. We will use some simple breathing techniques, and discuss practical tips to help you make better decisions, be less stressed, and enjoy the journey.

Amrit Khalsa is Executive Director of The Aquarian Academy Teacher Trainings of the KRI. He has been a Kundalini yoga teacher for over 20 years, and used to be a Lead Teacher Trainer at Yoga West and 7th Chakra Yoga in California for 8 years. He now extensively travels the world for KRI and hopes to install a deep sense of Community where ever he goes. He and his wife Siridyal Khalsa live in Maastricht with their two kids.