Crystallise the Self and radiate the light

From stillness the universe is born, the sound of creation is vibrating and worlds upon worlds and all life are crystallising into existence.
We as human beings have the potential to walk upon earth consciously connecting to that deep knowing that we are made of that divine sound and thus to synchronise with creation itself.
The barrier to an enlightened way of living, the threshold to transcend our limitations, the final frontier on our path of fulfilment and liberation we will not find out there in the cosmos but in our own mind.
As we process our subconscious blocks, work through our unfinished stories, release karmic patterns letting go of the traumas of the past we experience that our mind in fact connects our individual experience with the vast wisdom of the universal mind-field.
The kundalini energy that is required in order to work through it on a physical dimensional level is liying dormant within all of us and needs to be awakened in a systematical way so we can grow into the tangible human experience of a crystallised consciousness with a strengthened nervous system and a clarity of mind that is aligned towards the fulfilment of its Souls purpose.
We as we witness the vibration of life through our consciousness are literally creating the manifestation of it. We are born with the divine right to be happy, successful and prosperous.
And all we have to do is to clear our field of the noise that is distracting us from fulfilling the story of our life. It is as simple as nothing is easy.
May we have the heart to keep walking on the path of our Soul, so we may fulfil our destiny.
Our lives purpose is to give so let us give ourselves.
Sat Naam

“Kundalini Yoga taught by Yoga Bhajan offers an effective way to connect again to the self, to our true vibration of “Sat Naam”.
Through the practise of yogic asanas, kriyas, breathing exercises, mantra and Naad Yoga (the Yoga of sound) we prepare our bodies and minds for the experience of deep relaxation and meditation. We align our thoughts to the Universal truth within and re-connect our individual self with the One in Everyone.
And as we experience our true selves we gain back the ability to authentically express our soul and to live a conscious, happy and wholesome life full of everyday miracles, love and abundance so that sharing becomes once again a natural way of living.”