During the two 90 minutes workshops on Gong Puja we will learn about the historical background and dedication of the Gong Puja. We will learn how to perform the Opening Ceremony, Sacred Geometry in setting up the room, Gong Alter and Personal Alter and choosing which Gongs will be played during the Puja, Sacred Space and setting up the Gong Temple, Divine Intonement, Hygiene and Dress code, Itinerary, Closing Ceremony and much more.

We are so looking forward to enjoying this auspicious time of the Winter Solstice with you.

Sat Nam, Tina Maria & Alexandra Ott

Tina Maria is the founder and daily leader of Gong-Academy.com and Kundalini Yoga Denmark. Her passion is to conduct trainings and courses in how to play the Gong, Gongbath and especially Gong Pujas. In 1981 her lifetime dedication to live, teach and share the teachings of Yogi Bhajan started. On yogiji’s advice she went to live in Holland in 1982 and was closely connected to the Dutch sangat in Amsterdam for 16 years. Yogi Ji introduced her to Sat Nam Rasayan and the Gong in the early 1990’ies, now with almost 30 years’ experience she is the CEO of Gong-Academy and Kundalini Yoga Denmark. She has studied Sat Nam Rasayan Healing with Guru Dev Singh since 1994 and holds a SNR L2 degree. www.gong-academy.com

ALEXANDRA OTT is a MEM gong yoga kriya design scientist, gong player, gong teacher, sound healer, sound therapist and sound artist, drum circle facilitator and percussionist. Combining the columns rhythm and sound. In the field of sound, she is working with all ages from kindergarten children to elderly people offering sound and rhythm events, gong bathes, all night long gong pujas, mem gong yoga experience lessons, drum circles and individual gong and sound sessions for healing purpose. Her way of the sound started 20 years ago as musician and finally arrived when playing the gong 2014 and in tradition of Don Conreaux in 2016. www.AlexandraOtt.de, www.klangbotschafterin.com