Create a life full of abundance, sensuality and love !

I (Prem Shakti) am honored to share my ancient deep ‘Indian Western’ life experiences and knowledge with you. I will take you on a journey to find that unlimited place of love, sensuality, and joy within yourself! The workshop is very rich and filled with universal wisdom!

We will visit places you have never been before, new opportunities and insights might occur and new chances and clarity will open up for you. I invite you to come and experience yourself..

The Lakshmi workshop
– turns ordinary life into an amazing one
– works with truly experiencing bliss in the body as a gateway to love and go beyond duality
– Isn’t afraid of the magic, power and vulnerability of the woman
– …or anything actually – not even your weirdest mind boggles or unrealistic fantasies. It’s a safe space to explore your potential and replace fear and shame with expansion and liberation
Sounds worth exploring…right? 🙂

What exactly do we do in the workshop?
Kundalini Yoga Kriya and meditation
Dance and shaking
Healing teachings about women transformation in the field of sensuality and being successful!