In this meditation you will work with a partner. Old karma and new opportunities will be moderated by the compassion of the Heart Centre.
We will connect with the Self, as well as each other and many relationship karmas will adjust.
Express love beyond fear, relax into the flow of the sound, be real and be present.
Your awareness nurtures the Self as you distinguish between ego, emotions, reactions, memories and authentic presence.
Open to the voice from your heart.

Kathryn McCusker is a KRI certified level 1 and 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher, with a particular interest in how the teachings can empower women and awaken creativity. Being a professional singer for over 20 years, she resonates deeply with the breath work and mantra in Kundalini Yoga. Kathryn was the founder and director of KMYOGA Kundalini Yoga studio in Sydney for 3 years and is the author of ‘Everyday Kundalini’, published by Watkins. Kathryn believes the teachings of Kundalini Yoga offer practical and transformational tools for the times. How to connect
• Instagram: @kathryn_mccusker_yoga
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Hanneke Hoitink/ Lakshmi Narayan Kaur is a dedicated Level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher. She lived abroad for 7 years in Thailand and Australia where her Kundalini journey started. Kundalini Yoga was like ‘coming home’ and it helped her to settle in a new country and find the balance between work, house and family with three children. In 2015 she moved back home to the Netherlands -back to her roots- to continue the journey.
Hanneke is a motivator who can elevate and guide both individuals and groups to acknowledge, overcome or accept any obstacle. She will take you on a journey inwards to create more awareness in your work and daily life so you can be happy and healthy and live from your fullest potential.
Hanneke is teaching weekly classes in Amsterdam at Yoga Lifestyle Studio, giving monthly One Day Retreats in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel at Kundalini Oases and offering trainings and workshops in companies with Business Yoga Nederland.

Instagram: hannekehoitink