MEM GONG YOGA Of HOLISTIC RESONANCE is a yoga practice created by Gong Grandmaster and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Don Conreaux. He was one of the first students of Yogi Bhajan being introduced to the gong. He got the task to train 108 Kundalini Yoga teachers and to create an own Yoga Style and then he could go for the Gong.

MEM GONG YOGA OF HOLISTIC RESONANCE is in legacy to Yogi Bhajan.
Don Conreaux has turned 85 this year and is still travelling the world to teach the gong; spreading the message of world peace and holistic resonance through the gong.

„When you exist in your most powerful resonance, you are like a resonating gong, experiencing the bliss of true health. “(Don Conreaux)


It is a yoga that teaches you how to come to full presence. Through the physical workout it offers you an open window to your emotional ties, wounds, memories, pains…. but it doesn´t stop there. It dives deeper to underlying causes and offers a profound and wholesome liberation and healing. It makes you vibrant like a resonant gong.

MEM GONG YOGA focuses on 39 Muscles, each one of them linked to one of the 12 main Meridians, the Emotions they share and hold. By bringing in the breath, movement, awareness and intention and further on sound, affirmations etc., we release stuck emotions, congested energy and old patterns stored in our bodies and are promoting health, wellbeing and inner peace. Once it becomes a way of being, MEM Gong Yoga is an effective key or fast lane to inner and outer PEACE and sense of ONENESS. Breathing and Pranayama and the 3 locks are completing the energy network of our body to lift us beyond. MEM GONG YOGA OF HOLISTIC RESONANCE is yoga of self-responsibility to feel and focus and decide yourself the way to adapt it due to your needs. The exercises can be adapted to sitting, lying and standing positions.

Credits to: Abby del Sol/Tone of Life/PL, MEM GONG YOGA TRAINING,
Petra Trtnik/SLO and Tim Byford/GB,

ALEXANDRA OTT is a MEM gong yoga kriya design scientist, gong player, gong teacher, sound healer, sound therapist and sound artist, drum circle facilitator and percussionist. Combining the columns rhythm and sound.

In the field of sound, she is working with all ages from kindergarten children to elderly people offering sound and rhythm events, gong bathes, all night long gong pujas, mem gong yoga experience lessons, drum circles and individual gong and sound sessions for healing purpose.

Her way of the sound started 20 years ago as musician and finally arrived when playing the gong 2014 and in tradition of Don Conreaux in 2016.
Studying MEM GONG YOGA EXPERIENCE Level 1 with Abby Del Sol/Tone of Life in 2018, MEM GONG YOGA TRAINING OF HOLISTIC RESONANCE with Petra Trtnik/SLO and Tim Byford/GB 2019-2021.

Gong and Sound Healing Trainings, Sound Performance Trainings with Tom Soltron and Abby Del Sol/Tone of Life in Taiwan and the Gong Caravan of Peace throughout the Balkans initiated by Don Conreaux and Gongmuse Mojca Malek/SLO are important way markers of her personal gong journey.

She is a Kundalini Yoga Practitioner since many years in a group and doing daily personal practice (Sodarshan Chakra Krya, Sadhana) which is the root and inspiration for her work. Regular Gong Consciousness Trainings and Gong Master Trainings by Don Conreaux always including Kundalini Yoga Practice and Teachings. Preparing guests for a gong bath or gong meditation is always accompanied by MEM Gong Yoga Exercises or Breathing Exercises.,,