Don’t come. Avoid this workshop. Run away as fast as you can. Attending this workshop will guarantee to shake you. The rebirthing kriyas from Yogi Bhajan are powerful, dynamic, confronting, healing, intense, fun (yeah really), transformational, and an amazing gift to share. Kriyas include a special gong sequence to help clear the subconscious mind of pain, misery, doubt, anger, confusion, uncertainty, and garbage. Once you have cleaned out these limiting feelings, you will have an expanded understanding of your power, grace, potential and beauty. Words cannot fully communicate the experience of doing a rebirthing kriya. Come if you dare. 

Workshop led by Gurumarka Singh Khalsa, teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1972. Gurumarka studied directly with Yogi Bhajan while living at the mother ashram. He leads training programs and offers personal healing sessions.