Siri Akal is a yogi, healer, recording artist and engineer. In recent years, Siri Akal has been focusing on sharing sacred mantra, blended with her traditional celtic voice, to help people to find the power to transform their lives from within. She is passionate about combining sacred mantra with Irish music, because both traditions have touched her soul deeply. Following the success of her debut album, Solas, released in September 2018, Siri Akal released her second album, Wild & Free, in February 2020, a powerful collection of mantra and Irish songs.
Siri Akal has played at festivals around Europe, including the European Yoga Festival, France, Irish Kundalini Yoga gathering (2017 – 2019), yoga festivals in Spain, Austria, London and the Netherlands, and has played concerts in UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Austria, and continues to share music and yoga regularly online and in person (when that becomes possible once again!) You can find more about her music and connect with Siri Akal at, or join live events on Facebook and Instagram @siriakalmusic.