Yoga set specially designed for couples to develop your relationship and to deepen your connection – the state of being as two bodies and one soul. It is Divine Time to unconditionally choose for LOVE

Just as yoga and meditation connect you to your Infinity, Venus Kriyas create a neurochemical change in the brain, allowing couples the experience of ecstasy and bliss together.

When East met West, it was love at first sight. This unique love story actually took place at the European Kundalini Yoga Festival in France, back in the days in 2017.

Veda Casper Sorensen, from Denmark, and Prem Shakti (Humita Premmiela) with her Indian roots, connected in one of the afternoon workshops at the festivals. Eventually it took them another year before they were ready to fully commit to love, two different worlds merged.  She had a career as a director in the glitter and glamour television world and he traveled the world for 7 years on a shoestring. Nowadays they travel the globe together, share their gift via workshops, retreats and private sessions, for the meanwhile via the online channels..

Veda and Prem Shakti are experienced therapists and certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers. Together they have more than 15 years experience in the field of personal growth, coaching, yoga & meditation and various types of bodywork. They are very passionate about life itself, and magic is their tool, attending one of their workshops will then be anyhow a life changing experience.

They sincerely believe that everything in life is possible, that you can not dream outside your possibilities and that you can rely on magic – they are the living example of this belief, and will share these diamonds in their workshops accordingly.

What people say:

“Their teachings are from another level, deep and uplifting, light and energetic, sweet and lots of humor.”
“They walk their talk and spread unconditional love!”