Kiane Maria (Radha Bani Kaur) - Mantra workshop en concert (ENG)

Kiane Maria started her musical career as a Singer Songwriter based in Berlin. When she discovered Kundalini Yoga and became aware of the healing and transformational powers of kriya, meditation and chanting Kiane Maria decided to record and publish Kundalini Yoga mantras in order to spread and share the healing effects with others. Supported by the wonderful meaning of her spiritual name, Radha Bani Kaur, the young singer’s angelic voice enables the merging with the divine sound of creation and inspires and elevates those around her and listening to her mantras with harmony and joy. Using her singing as a natural gift for achieving the highest fulfillment of her soul, Kiane Maria’s intention is likewise to bring peace and calmness to everyone who likes to listen to and to chant along with her. 

On the 15th of June 2022 Kiane Maria self publishes her new album „Naad“ which combines mantras and folk songs. 

She is currently working on a mantra album in co-creation with the French producer and composer Ferenz Kallos.

Mul Mantra by Kiane Maria

Zaterdag 18 juni - 20:00 - 21:00 - Inner Light Zaal