Festival Program 2019

We’re working hard on the Festival Program for this year, with teachers from the Netherlands, Belgium and also from outside.

This year we’re add some real cool stuff to the program. Stay tuned!

The concept program will be published somewhere in April, together with the tickets. 

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Workshops 2019

(subject to change)

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Karma Yoga

Yogi Bhajan talked about one of the aspects of Karma Yoga in almost every lesson. He encouraged his students to concentrate on giving instead of getting, to live with an attitude of gratitude for blessings and challenges recieved, to act like a forklift and to lift up others in need. To serve mankind with love.

What is karma yoga?

Karma yoga (also called Seva or selfless service) is an important aspect of Kundalini Yoga. It is based on the laws of karma: “anything you do will come back to you tenfold”. This is true for both negative and positive, selfless actions. Karma yoga supports everyone in the group and leads to friendship, love and group-consiousness.

Karma yoga at the festival

The Kundalini Yoga Festival is run entirely by volunteers. The loving mentality of taking care of each other is a big factor in the magic of the festival.
Everyone who comes to the festival is asked to help serving food, cleaning and cutting vegetables etc. At the registration you will be assigned a Karma yoga project. This task will take one and a half to two hours of your day. Karma yoga projects are done in a Missle system, small groups who meet in the morning from 10:00 uur to 11:15. There is a limited number of discounts available for people who are willing to take on more strenuous or time consuming tasks for 4 or 8 hours a day.





Yoga Living: the power of giving

A day at the Kundalini Yoga Festival

At 4.00 am you will be sung awake to start your day with the Aquarian Sadhana, meaning Japji (the meditation of the soul), a yoga set and mantra’s. After this there will be a Gurdwara service, with music and prayer and then it’s time for breakfast. After breakfast the children’s camp starts and the adults will go to their karma yoga group. At 11.30 the morning workshops will start, followed by the all camp yoga class, the all camp mantra and the tunnel of love; after which the children and their parents will be reunited. Then it’s time for supper. After supper there will be several evening workshops to choose from. Next there’s evening yoga and we will close the day with a concert or gong bath. At 22.00 it is time for silence and sleep, so we can rise again early the next day for sadhana.