An uplifting, holistic, sustainable Kundalini Yoga Workshop for more beauty, radiance and self worth.

Letting go of stagnated beliefs and patterns concerning what we apparently need and must have to stay or become beautiful. Letting new perspectives come. With lots of practical input, affirmations and celestial communication.
Joti Ananda used to be a well known Austrian Model, TV Presenter/Journalist for over 15 years. She has started to rethink her beauty concept. Kundalini Yoga came into her life and made her transformation even more fulfilling.
Within the last years I have been sharing my experience, eureka moments and knowledge in hundreds of Sustainability Workshops, Business Seminars and One On One coachings.
Sat Nam,

Yours, Regina Joti Ananda

Kundalini Yoga Coach, Kundalini Kids Yoga Teacher, Meditation- and Mindfulness Trainer, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, Mother, Austria/Vienna
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This workshop is in English.