Festival Countdown









Let’s connect online this year.


Let’s celebrate the winter solstice in our homes, together, as together we’re one!


From Friday December 18th untill Wednesday 23rd of December you’re invited to join sadhana’s, workshops, concerts and more.


It will offer you an unique holistic experience of living a healthy yogic life WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME. It is not only about yoga and meditation, but it is a wakeup call about the food you are eating, your family life, your relationships, your community, your communication with the people around you. And with ourselves – because that is what we are doing non-stop.

Everybody is Welcome to join from his/her home (or yogastudio or rent an airbnb with a few of your brothers and sisters in divine)!

Sangat, or community is one of the key foundations in Kundalini Yoga. We like to welcome everybody to be part of this festival: young and old!

So the whole family can join! 

We are very grateful for the oppurtunity to connect, even though we will not be in the same physical room, we will meet in the virtual space and uplift ourselves and each other. 

The world needs our light more then ever.

Please consider to block your agenda for yoga and meditation these 6 days and join us.

We’re looking forward to be with you in the sacred atmosphere during this Winter Solstice.

The tickets are available now!


We’ll donate a portion of the funds to seva projects within the sangat. If you have a project, please contact us.


With your ticket you get access to all the workshops and concerts during the festival.

All Camp Mantra Kundalini Yoga Winter Solstice Festival 2020

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Impression Kundalini Yoga Winter Solstice Festival 2018

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga originated in India, and is also called the mother of all yoga, or the yoga of consciousness. One thing is certain: remaining the “old” you when you start practicing kundalini yoga daily, is hardly impossible. Transformation will occur irrevocable. You awaken the energy of consciousness in yourself, and your self made restrictions will become clearer, so you can break through these patterns. It is an invitation to step fully into your own life, to follow your intuition flawlessly, and use your whole potential.

A way of yoga achievable for everyone, and you don’t need well fitting lycra trousers to participate, neither being able to fold yourself in a pretzel. You may of course if you can, if that’s your hobby, but it is not necessary for spiritual growth.

Kundalini yoga is also called the “householders” yoga. It is the yoga for people having jobs, children, relationships, busyness, mortgages, and creative projects. You don’t need to be sitting in a cave and meditate, and still its power is so strong, that it may transform your life. It offers practical meditations, kriya’s (a series of exercises) which will help you to keep your head cool, handle stress, feel more selflove, strengthen your nervous system, and in short: stand stronger in life.

With the growing (work)pressure, the multitasking economy, children growing up..meditating is no longer a privilege for a few chosen ones. It is a prerequisite to keep your balance, and be successful in life.

Kundalini yoga helps you to awaken your dormant life energy, and gives you handles to circulate this energy through your body, and your life. So you become a powerhouse going your own way: powerful, elegant, and fearless.


What does a Kundalini Yoga lesson look like?

Kundalini yoga is different than all other yoga forms. It is perhaps the most weird yoga form ever, and the positions and movements that you are doing sometimes really look ‘strange’, but the result of it is unsurpassed. The way your arms seem to fall off during a kryia doesn’t really matter when you experience the beneficial working of it afterwards.
Kundalini yoga contains thousands of kriyas’s, pranayama’s (breathing exercises), mantra’s and meditations. For almost any challenge there is a kriya to help you.

During a lesson the positions are hold on to for a longer period of time. Often your mind really wants to interfere. You are confronted with your self, and do have a choice there: resist, or surrender. And in surrendering you can move beyond your own comfort level, and dive deeper into your practice and consciousness. This creates an opportunity to realize our true selves. By staying longer in the positions, the mind gets time, and learns to listen to the wisdom of the body. The body is extremely intelligent, and features a most advanced regulation system. It knows how to heal itself if it gets the space to do so. And that space is available when the busy ‘monkeymind’ is absent, or quiet.
The combination of kriya’s, mantra’s and meditations makes the experience complete, and stimulates our sub consciousness tot let go of limiting convictions, and replace it by welcoming endless love, endless potential, and endless spirit.

Kundalini yoga is always passed on the way it is taught in its non diluted, unprocessed form so the intention, pureness and efficacy remain guaranteed. Kundalini yoga suits everybody from beginner to more experienced yogi. For more information about kundalini yoga you can visit this website:  https://www.3H0.org

Winter Solstice

Solstice means noon. It’s the moment where the sun has its lowest point in the sky, and with that makes the Winter Solstice the shortest day, and the longest night. There is less daylight, the days are darker, but at the other hand the Winter Solstice is the turning point when the days are starting to become longer again, moving towards the Summer Solstice – celebrating the longest day, and the shortest night.

In many old cultures the Winter Solstice had a deep spiritual meaning. The return of the sun, and the birth of the God, or Goddess.

Winter Solstice is an important moment to stand still, to turn inside, and listen. To harmonize our energy, and feed our spirit, and reïnforce our life purpose. It is a perfect time for rebirthing, and transformation. A good time to let go of the old, and embrace our inner light. And it is so beautiful to celebrate the return of the light in a community of like-minded people!

Yogi Bhajan taught us that during the Winter Solstice the oil in our body, the serum, changes. During the Summer Solstice changes our blood, and during the Winter Solstice our serum, so our mucous membranes, and body liquids. That’s why it’s important after de Winter Solstice, starting the 22nd of December, to eat healthy and light foods during 10 days and to enjoy life, and be happy. The days after the Winter Solstice are important for the psyche of Human, during which a powerful reset can take place so we will be able to handle in a better way the seasonal changes. If you respect, and honor these days to reset, it will be of big influence on the months to come.

Yogi Bhajan said “Revolve your life around summer and winter solstice and everything will be taken care of.’