Kirtan Kriya Spring awakening

40 day Mantra Challenge

starting February 2nd till March 13th

In collaboration with 3HO Europe we are very happy to propose this 40 day meditation starting on Imbolc, the day to celebrate the return of the light!

Commit yourself to a great start of this spring by joining our Kirtan Kriya meditation challenge.

Besides a daily live session , we we will nourish you with little presents to keep track on your transformational journey.

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Stand up for who you are

With the Kirtan Kriya Spring Awakening, we tune into the processes taking place in nature.

In line with the awakening from hibernation, the emergence of new life and growth, we lovingly shake ourselves awake.

By chanting the powerful mantra Sa Ta Na Ma daily we set the tone of courage and bravery and stand up for who we are. 

Thanks to your daily practice, with the support of the sangat, reminders and extra encouragement during 40 days, you will surely surprise yourself with the results.

What to expect

🎶 Good vibe, good tribe

🎶 More energy

🎶 Better focus

🎶 Daily group meditation on zoom

🎶 Additional assignments and deepening lessons

Daily live sessions

Every day at 11:45 am CET, on zoom for 15mn, the meditation will alternately be led by Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa, Jagat Prem Kaur and Harmanderpal Kaur from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Meet your teachers

How a seed of friendship planted during the European Yoga Festival can grow, blossom and bear fruit for the sangat... Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa (NL) and Harmanderpal Kaur (BE) met in the mother circle at the festival. 

Sat Kirtan was pregnant, Harmanderpal was nursing her fourth child. Caring for children together has a connecting effect. And the friendship took even more shape thanks to the initiative to start a yoga festival in the Netherlands. Jagat Prem Kaur (NL) also jumped on that bandwagon. And the fine connection between the three women already led to fun, inspiring and heartfelt moments. 

After a powerful 40-day Sat Kartar challenge to complete 2022, the inspiration, desire and flow was present to further give the loving connection a place among the day-to-day work, blessings and challenges. 

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