Venus Kriyas & The Double Marriage with Bachitar Kaur and Hari Krishan Singh

Venus Kriyas & The Double Marriage

A workshop with Bachitar Kaur and Hari Krishan Singh

We live in a world of polarities and polarities within polarities. In this field of tension, we are longing for unity through union, and this happens on 2 different levels.

The Double Marriage shows us how different dimensions of polarity, of male and female energies, can come together and merge. Regarding the dimension of Spirit and Consciousness, and the dimension of Time and Space. Both are essential for a balance between partners, and within each individual in the game of life.

Venus Kriyas are short, potent Kundalini Yoga practices that are done with a partner. The partners do not need to be romantic in nature, though they can be. Venus Kriyas engage the male and female polarity, but this does not mean partners need to be of the opposite sex. The only true requirement is the pure intention of both people involved. 

In Sanskrit, the word tantra means “to weave.” A typical Kundalini practice is tantric in that it weaves the masculine and feminine energies within to awaken kundalini, for the experience of divine union. A Venus Kriya works toward the same end, intensifying the experience through the polarity of the partner interaction. Through the interplay of energies in Venus Kriyas they demand a higher level of focus than a normal Kundalini Yoga exercise.

Venus Kriyas are to be practiced in the highest consciousness and with pure intent. They are tools to blend the polarity energies for spiritual growth. The focus remains at the heart, from which one projects love, caring, and a prayer for the highest good. 

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