White Tantric Yoga® on 10 February 2024

A day of meditation and transformation.

This ancient "uplifting" meditation technique is an important part of the 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy) tradition, and we invite you to participate in this profound one-day experience:

A mandala for renewal of the soul.

During this exercise, the meridians, nadis and nerves are cleansed, giving your life a refreshing boost and a new perspective unfolds.

As we enter this new Age of Aquarius, we are at a complex moment of transitions, saying goodbye to old ways and patterns, rethinking our view of the world and rebooting our inner consciousness. We are stepping out of the group-think/cult-think that was programmed in the 60s, 70s and 80s to highlight meditation and enable a deeper experience of it.

Now we tune into our own individual experience while still consciously participating in a group collective process. Together, we can approach this exercise from a new worldview of coming together, chanting together and supporting each other heart-to-heart.

The format of the day and music are unchanged from previous editions; Vintage, epic and full of light.

Through partner work with specific mudras, mantra chanting and profound asanas, this day will be challenging and deeply satisfying.

Allow this timeless practice to serve your life, remove stress and return to your world with inspiration and gratitude. The Kundalini Yoga Festival Netherlands is dedicated to providing an opportunity for everyone to enter this period of transition with fresh eyes and an open heart.

The Early Bird price is valid until 10 January 2024 - be quick!

Cleansing process

White Tantric Yoga helps you break through subconscious blockages so you can enjoy life.... This is the path to personal freedom and awareness and will bring greater success in every area of your life.

The subconscious mind is filled with mysteries that guide our every decision and movement.

What to expect

What & How - White Tantric Yoga

White Tantric Yoga offers a challenging experience on several levels.

One particular challenge is the prospect (or fear) of an intensive meditation day, where you practice six or eight consecutive 31- or 62-minute Kundalini meditations.

Led by Yogi Bhajan, projected on a video screen (recorded before his death for all future White Tantra events), he explains the meditations. Some meditations include special instructions, such as touching your partner's third eye, a long reclining relaxation or adopting the Kundalini lotus position.

Despite the challenges, White Tantric Yoga is an extraordinary, fascinating and transformative experience.

Working with group consciousness greatly enhances the effects of meditations, and the supportive group dynamic provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Kundalini yoga Sanghat (community).

Although you may be a little disoriented by the end of the day, the experience is well worth it.

What you need to know for a succesfull meditation day


What to bring

  • Few! Filtered water and fruit are available. A vegan lunch is included. Place your bag to the side of the large room, as it cannot stay with your mat due to limited space.
  • Wear white clothing made of natural materials and cover your whole head with it
  • Bring a sheepskin or blanket, a meditation cushion(s) if you feel comfortable.
  • A scarf for warmth during relaxation.
  • A water bottle and or thermos.

No partner? No worries!

White Tantric Yoga is practised in pairs, but it is not necessary to come with your, or a partner. There is an area in the chapel where individual participants can meet and find partners.


Any white head covering made of natural fibres such as cotton or wool is acceptable. This protects your crown chakra because of the powerful energy during White Tantric Yoga. Your hair should be completely covered.

Sanghat Support

There are sevadars and fellow yogis to support you during the day. Relax and enjoy the experience, it is okay to laugh and to cry.

Who can join?

There are no requirements to participate in White Tantric Yoga®.

If you are participating for the first time, you will want to tune into your own energies and enjoy a deep and sometimes challenging meditative experience.

More experienced practitioners will deepen their experience and explore new paths to spiritual awareness.

For those who cannot sit on the floor (for so long), chairs are provided, your partner will also sit on a chair. Unsure about your participation? Contact us feel free to ask your question!


There are several accommodation options in the immediate vicinity.

Close to the Maria chapel are the following (budget) options:

The Fletcher hotel in Rosmalen is 7 minutes by car from Coudewater. Book as soon as possible to reserve for rate of only 75 euros for your overnight stay in a double room.

At the Villa Berk en Heide, you can stay from 72 euros for a double room and is also 7 car minutes from the Maria chapel.

For more elaborate accomodation options have a look here.

Transportation from the Fletcher hotel to the venue will be available in the morning through a shuttle service.

Access & Address

By Car: The Mariakapel is located near Den Bosch and next to the A59 highway.

The address is

Berlicumseweg 8, 5248 NS Rosmalen.

Parking is free and available on-site.

Openbaar vervoer (Public Transport): A few minutes' walk from the Mariakapel, there is a bus stop. Bus 158 departs regularly from Den Bosch to Coudewater.

Transportation from the Fletcher hotel to the venue will be available in the morning through a shuttle service.


The daily schedule is from 08:00 to 18:00.

Doors open at 07:30, and please anticipate the possibility of the program extending until 19:00.

A vegetarian lunch will be provided.

Partner meditatie

Release your "personal zone" and sit closely with your partner; knee to knee beside each other and facing one another. The closer you sit, the stronger the energy lines in the rows.

This also facilitates meditations involving physical contact, such as holding each other's hands.

7 Reasons to Participate in White Tantric Yoga in the Netherlands

Befriend your Mind: White Tantric Yoga® provides a unique way to liberate your mind from hidden obstacles, allowing you to simply enjoy more of your life.

Thought Management: Take control of the many thoughts racing through your mind. Breaking down barriers in your subconscious prevents impulsive decisions and reduces self-imposed stress.

Enhanced Self-Insight: With White Tantric Yoga®, you learn to approach each moment with clarity, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. This newfound awareness can bring positive changes to your life.

Balance of Mind, Body, and Soul: The workshop helps align your mind, body, and soul, allowing them to work together harmoniously. This integration is a powerful path to personal freedom and increased awareness.

Uplifting Group Meditation: White Tantric Yoga® involves paired group meditation. Experience a supportive and uplifting atmosphere as you find a partner and follow the guided meditation instructions on video.

Inspiring Environment: Immerse yourself in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Mariakapel, enhancing the transformative effects of White Tantric Yoga®.

Inclusive/For Everyone: Whether you are new to meditation or experienced, White Tantric Yoga® is open to everyone.


"A serene backdrop for pure creations"

The venue for the White Tantric Yoga day in the Netherlands is exceptionally special: the Mariakapel in Coudewater (near Rosmalen) is situated on multiple Ley lines.

It is an inspiring and tranquil space, a unique 'power spot' to amplify goals and intentions. The location is surrounded by a fantastic environment and boasts excellent acoustics, creating an exceptionally secure atmosphere for both individual and group processes.

Additionally, the venue is easily accessible and close to the highway.

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Be well prepared

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