Men's circle experience

“My memory goes back to summer 2015, when I was inspired by Jasper Jansen to go to the 3HO festival in France. He spoke with beaming eyes about the fine energy and I trusted him completely, so we together in the car, and I, without any yoga experience, on an adventure. at the Lighthouse. What struck me was that half of the group were men, in their thirties and early forties. So men with the same age and shared interests. I was not familiar with that from my training as a masseur. From my background in civil and cultural engineering, it was indeed a male stronghold, but one with little room for awareness or bodywork.
During the festival I realized more and more that these worlds could come together. I may be there, as a self-confident man with my physical and mental strength and the softness of empathy. I was also challenged in my role among the men with the white tantra days.

After various men's training sessions in recent years, I have experienced and seen that the men's circle is an important connection to get the support of the men around you. to experience regardless of age or appearance.
To feel the power of sharing, sharing energy through. exercises and experiences in conversations. And my experience is that behind the facade is a loving person with insecurities, but also the confidence and the strength to share and support each other.
To get to the core and let the shells fall, time is needed to generate, feel and share the energy together. There are very nice exercises for that in the Kundalini Yoga that we will be doing within the men's circle.
In addition, the room is also accessible on Fridays to greet each other.
I hope to see you there.”

Maurice Hommel – Siri Mahan Singh
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