Background Tantric Aquarian Meditation Circle

Winter is a time to go within, to be together, to meditate and to connect.

From that need, the idea for a meditation circle arose last summer at the festival in France.

We are happy and grateful that we have found a form that fits.

We call it a Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle.

During this meditation day we work with existing (partner) meditations, which you can find in the teaching material of KRI.

The Aquarian Age asks for female energy, connection and recovery.

Restore the earth, restore the soul.

It requires connection to a greater whole and dedicated actions.

The Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle could be such a dedicated action.

In this circle we guard the energy and space, so that we can break through blockages in the subconscious and experience healing and lightness.

During the winter edition of the Kundalini Yoga festival 2022 we will spend the entire Saturday at the Meditation Circle.

During this intensive meditation day, the form is different than during the white tantra setups in rows.

Softer, rounder, connecting; more Aquarian.

We sit in circles: an outer circle and an inner circle, so that you sit opposite your partner.

As part of the group there are four teachers, the spaceholders, who each sit on a quarter of the circle and take turns leading the meditations.

The musicians accompanying the mantras sit in the center of the circle and represent the cosmic sound.

Of course there are moderators present.

These are people who take your place, should you have to get up during the meditation for whatever reason.

You raise your hand and wait for someone to take your place, so that the energy field we create together remains intact.

We are also dressed in white to strengthen our electromagnetic field and we do the 11, 31 or 62 minute (partner) meditations.

All partner meditations create tantric energy.

A partner can be a life partner, a friend or someone you meet on the spot at the festival. That will be your partner for the whole day.
We tune in together with the well-known mantras; we warm up with Kundalini yoga to prepare the body to sit for a long time.

We start with a short single meditation, everyone for themselves, to get into the flow and give the latecomers the chance to join.

If you have physical difficulties sitting on the floor for a long time, chairs are available so you can still participate.

This day counts towards your KRI level 1 training and you will receive a certificate for it.

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Blog author: Atma Ranprya (Marija)