Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle

Kundalini Yoga Winter Solstice is a festival of stillness & simplification & connection. It invites you to listen. It invites you to see. It invites you to feel. It invites you to be. It invites you to relax. During the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle, which is on the program on Saturday, we meditate, in pairs facing each other, in a circle. The circle symbolizes connection, equality and infinity. No one is higher, no one is lower. In the tantric field we create together we work with the 5 elements, earth, water, fire, air and space. That is why there are 4 teachers in the circle. The 5th element, space, is represented by the musicians, who sit in the center of the circle. The tantric field has a profoundly transformative effect on all participants. The long meditations (31 or 62 minutes) can be challenging for you, even if it's just sitting still cross-legged. It is the power of the sangat, the mantras and each other that make you rise above yourself. Practical: Frequently asked questions: How do I find a partner? 1. You come to the festival with your partner. This could very well be your life partner, your business partner, your boyfriend or girlfriend or a family member. 2. You find a partner on the spot. There is a meeting place in the room, where you can meet your meditation partner for the day. What can I imagine at the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle? ⁃ During the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle we sit opposite each other in pairs, doing meditations of 31 or 62 minutes. What kind of meditations can I expect? ⁃ The meditations we do during this Tantric meditation day are existing Venus kriyas & meditations from the 21 Stages. I can't sit cross-legged, can I still participate? ⁃ Yes, you can also participate sitting on a chair. The word tantra makes me think of s*x & naked, is that also the case here? ⁃ During the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle we work with the powerful Kundalini energy and we meditate with our clothes on. During some exercises you touch your partner and afterwards you can thank each other. Feel good about your own limits and indicate them. Does my partner have to be of the opposite sex? ⁃ No, we all have a masculine and a feminine energy flowing through us. How long does the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle last? ⁃ The Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle lasts from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ⁃ There is a break from 12.00-13.00 in which a vegan lunch is served. I have no experience with yoga and meditation, can I still participate? ⁃ Yes, anyone can join the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle. How long do the meditations last? ⁃ The meditations last 31 or 62 minutes. After each meditation there is a short break and around 12:00 a lunch break of 1 hour. Will I receive a certificate upon completion? ⁃ After the Aquarian Tantric Meditation Circle you can pick up a certificate that counts for your level 1. If I have to go to the toilet during the meditation or can't anymore, what do I do? ⁃ Because we work with a Tantric energetic field you can't just get up. If you want to get out for any reason, raise your hand and wait for a monitor to take your place.