I have a yoga school in Wageningen where I have been sharing my love for Kundalini Yoga for 10 years. This yoga form continues to inspire me and brings me so much good, I am still impressed by the profound effect. The yoga has made me strong and independent, but also mild and flexible. From acceptance of what is, I have learned to move along and to live creatively.

Always to see the positive, the possibilities and beauty of life. Out of gratitude that this yoga is in my life, I like to dedicate myself to the Kundalini Yoga Sanghat. For a few years as a board member and program coordinator of the Kundalini Yoga Festival NL and now also as secretary for KYN.

What I want to create for myself and other Kundalini Yoga teachers is the opportunity to meet, inspire and deepen found in knowledge and experience. A place to make the radiant light of consciousness so strong in ourselves that others also recognize it in themselves.

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