In 2016 I went to the Kundalini yoga festival in France for the first time. It was a great intensive experience and life changing event to experience the yogic life with my whole family for a week. Get up, do yoga and meditations before the sun rises, eat kitcharee in large rows on the floor and seva in the kitchen. There where we worked and meditated with 3000 other yogis, my love for kundalini yoga flared up and I decided to follow the kundalini yoga teacher training after my Hatha yoga study. Together with my husband Jagdeep Prem (Wim van Hal)  I followed the training for kundalini yoga teacher. After that I studied yoga nidra, mindfulness for young people and coaching for women in a transition phase.

Jagat Prem. This name tells me and reminds me of my purpose in this life. By following my spiritual path I can share my divine love (Prem) with everyone, the whole universe (Jagat). From this love I can serve, inspire and “uplift” others.
The Kundalini Yoga Festival is the perfect place for that and I love to help build this website and organize the festival.

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