About ten years ago I ended up in a Kundalini yoga weekend with the theme “Prosperity”.

I was immediately immersed in the inspiring bath of Kriyas, meditations and yogic philosophy.

It was love at first sight. In 2015 I followed the women's week “Excel, love and celebrate” and this has had a positive impact on my personal growth as a woman, on my way of raising my two kids and it deepened my partner relationship.

Since then a seed has been planted in me to inspire other women and to pass on the women's teachings from Kundalini Yoga.”

I specialized as a psychologist in the female psyche.

Through therapy and psycho-energetic coaching I have already been able to inspire and guide many women to a free and pure life.

Women's circles, rituals for transitions and healing are increasingly part of my offer.

My spiritual name supports me to be guided by my inner light (Kirin) and to live in harmony (Shanti) with others.

During the festivals I love to keep the Red tent so that women may find their way to their own wisdom through sharings, workshops and deep rest.

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