In this workshop we will explore together what is meant by the Self-sensory system
I will share with you what the lecture means to me and also include the dark aspects of Yogi Bhajan, ourselves and the world.
The basis of this workshop is the lecture of Yogi Bhajan. The Self Sensory System of the Aquarian Age

*The essence of this is that you learn to listen to your SELF; you make a recording of the lecture with 'your own voice.

~My own voice : For me the red thread in my life that sometimes fades for a while but always reappears.
*You can choose to translate the text into your own language and it is super important that you bring earphones.
*We are going to do a meditation to connect with your inner self and develop your sensory system.
* Finally, we are going to bring out the wisdom of the crowd.
What is IT about for you?

Sat Nam
Linda Landstra
The Lady with the flag of God's consciousness in the world

Saturday 18 June - 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - Chardi Kala Hall