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White Tantra Yoga

White tantra yoga

White Tantric Yoga. Let me first clear up a possible misunderstanding, because this form of meditation is not to be confused with eroticism or sexuality, but has everything to do with energy.

Let's go back a little bit. Why do we do yoga? To strengthen the body and our systems. Think of the nervous system, the respiratory system, the muscular and glandular system and more. To be able to sit properly when we meditate. And why do we meditate? Meditation, with or without mantra or movement, gives us the opportunity to focus, strengthen and clear the mind.

We have thousands of thoughts, emotions, sensations, desires and fantasies. We are barely aware of most of them. Meditation is a way to become aware of the nonstop chatter of our minds. Meditation is also a way to train the mind and, as it were, to 'clean it up'.

But there is also a part of our Mind that we cannot reach. The subconscious. The area in which the damage, incurred in life, is safely stored. Despite the thick lid, sometimes something seeps through and that shows in our behavior. If there are many blockages and disturbances, it brings heaviness, sadness and stress. How great would it be to be able to let that go and go through life a little lighter?

That's what the white tantra is yoga for. Think of it as a kind of industrial vacuum cleaner. As a thorough cleansing of your subconscious, your patterns and fears, that part that you may not be aware of, but that you carry with you in life.

White tantra yoga is the most powerful meditation there is, but you cannot 'just go into tantra a bit.' It requires preparation, a lot of people together, it has a protocol and a methodology. Curious? Read the blog: My first white tantra

The white tantra we do at the Kundalini Yoga festival is slightly different from what is described above. In the tantra as it is given you sit in long rows next to each other and directly opposite your partner of the day.

During the festival there are two circles. An outer circle and an inner circle. You are still sitting opposite your partner, but the energy is different because we form circles. In the middle there is room for the musicians who accompany the mantras. In these circles everyone in the sangat is equal, no one is higher or lower, we all level out in our circle of energy. Wahe Guru!

Blog author: Atma Ranprya (Marija)

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