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Kundalini Yoga Festival Netherlands

Sat nam ,

If you don't speak Dutch, please read this. If you do, scroll down a little bit…

We're a small team of sevadars and happy to serve all. We ask a little participation from your side. If you can't read Dutch, please copy the text and translate it into your language, using


Dear you, sat nam!

How nice of you to join the Sunia-ai challenge.

In this mail you will find a lot of links.

1) The recordings of this mantra in You can download mp3 and mp4 and listen to them as often as you want. You can download it here
You will also find the pdf with the text and translations there.

2) You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Please do not share the video with your friends but ask them to sign up as well.

3) Here is the link to the first live session with Harmanderpal, in which she lovingly guided us into silence.

4) If you want to watch the explanation of the movements again at your leisure, click on this link https://youtu .be/Q6bIcejiS48

5) Do you have friends who also wish you this beautiful warm journey inside, to the silence, please forward this link to them, so that they also receive all the information.

You can start this challenge at any time, so if you join later, you will receive the recordings of the live sessions.

Best regards,

Harmanderpal and the festival organizing team.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or email us at

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